Wacom postcards

New Office Postcards, 2021 When Wacom moved to their new offices in Düsseldorf’s Zollhof, we developed a group of characters that were caught hanging out in the space when they thought nobody was watching.  Photos: Michael Marczok Wacom


Digital Stationery Consortium, 2021 New Look & Feel for the Digital Stationery Consortium including the website and a set of one-line illustrations. Digital Stationery Consortium

Rose Marie

Website & Social Media, 2021 Website design for Rose Marie’s Garten & Bar, a new restaurant concept in the city of Essen in close collaboration with HouseOne. Check out the menu and you’ll want to go there immediately! Rosemarie

Mey & Edlich

Online Shop Redesign, 2020 The beauty is in the details – Mey & Edlich wanted to update their online shop without changing its technology set-up behind. So the challenge was to come up with the most beautiful solution given a set of pretty tight restrictions. Mey & Edlich

Westermann Georg

Georg Branding & Interface, 2020 Corona showed us: digital education is more important than ever.  Georg, Westermann Verlag’s e-learning platform for vocational schools, lets students study remotely, makes learning more efficient and allows students to prepare for their future work lives.  We created a whole new look & feel for Georg, established a new color […]

Lilium Web Refresh

Web Refresh, 2021 Corona can’t stop the force of innovation: in March of 2021 Lilium announced their intention to list on Nasdaq and revealed the development of their 7-Seater Jet. We are incredibly proud to have been a part of the team effort to rebrush and relaunch their corporate website just in time for the […]

Zora Tea Bags

Xmas Tea Bags, 2020 The year 2020 will forever remain an extraordinary one. Given that almost everyone was working from home around christmas we thought of something that could bring a smile and comfort into everyone’s home office. In collaboration with our friends at Shuyao we sent everyone a set of three organic teas with funny […]

Zora Quizora

Quizora, 2019 In 2019 we collaborated with Christian Matzerath, author of the VDIni-Magazines and creative mind behind the questions of several quiz shows on TV, to produce ‘Quizora’ – a quiz card game. Topics included fashion & lifestyle, sustainability, as well as cutting-edge future technologies like digital ink, electric VTOL and fusion energy. Can you guess […]

Esprit Dynamic Days

Dynamic Days A selection of animated posts and stories created for “Dynamic Days” such as Valentine’s, #WorldCancerDay, #InternationalFriendshipDay, #InternationalYogaDay, International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia, #EUElectionsDay, the fall of the Berlin Wall, and #InternationalKissingDay…! Esprit

Esprit Craig & Karl

Craig & Karl Campaign, 2019 Campaign design for Esprit’s collaboration with Craig & Karl including the online shop, social media and … donut design! Esprit