CargoBeamer  Identity and website redesign for CargoBeamer. The Dresden based ‘Road to Rail’ company has developed a smart system allowing truck containers to easily be moved onto trains and back. Continuously expanding their European network, this system has saved over 100,000,000 tons of CO2 and counting.  CargoBeamer

Near to Far

Near to Far – Dan Sturges Dan Sturges is a leading transportation designer, entrepreneur, and educator. Early in Dan’s career, he designed and commercialized the first Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV), and led the charge to create a new “right-sized” vehicle category for local trip needs. Britta and Dan met in 1998 at frog design where […]

Goldstein Gruppe

Website Redesign Goldstein Gruppe, a group of companies specialising in architecture, interior design and real estate management asked us to create a family of websites under their umbrella.  Goldstein Gruppe

Techno Design

Rebranding Headquartered in Düsseldorf, Techno Design not only specialises in collection creation but also offers the management of every step in the global supply chain up to complete procurement solutions for their customers. As part of a multinational group the team in Düsseldorf took a giant leap from their existing Corporate Design and went for […]

Schwangau Schuh GmbH

Web Refresh Faster, cleaner, better: Schwangau’s shoe brands Haferl, Lásló and Goiser were all updated to run on the same e-commerce platform. But the initial result wasn’t visually up to standard for these sophisticated brands, selling the finest, artisan shoes. The task was to look at the betaversion and its template library to see what […]

Social Media Stickers

Social Media Stickers Given the success of the creatures we designed for the Experience Center’s coffee mugs we were asked to animate them so they could be used as social media stickers. So much fun! Wacom

Wacom Coffee Cups

Coffee Cups for Wacom’s Experience Center When Wacom opened their new Experience Center in Düsseldorf’s Media Harbour, they asked us to come up with a set of characters to go on their coffee mugs. These quirky personalities have been so popular that Wacom decided to turn the into merchandise available to the public. Which one […]

VDIni Magazines 2021

VDIni Magazines 2021 To promote an interest in science the ‘Association of German Engineers’ (VDI) founded the ‘VDIni Clubs’ for kids and teens across Germany. The ‘VDIni Magazin’, published four times per year is a key element in this educational effort. Each publication introduces a single topic through a mix of explanations, do-it-yourself exercises, quizzes […]


Corporate Identity Development, 2021 Logomark, stationery and website design for Kessler Steuerberater in Düsseldorf. A design that ‘makes my heart jump in joy every morning when I come to the office’ – so our client says. Kessler

Wacom Connected Ink 2021

Connected Ink, 2021 Connected Ink is Wacom’s key event surrounding the topic of ‘digital ink’. It is an open innovation platform which takes you on a journey of creativity, art and music combined with the latest developments in digital transformation and ink technology.    Also in 2021 we designed the event’s identity including the key […]